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Tuesday Fun Sail

Where: Start between EYC Tower and the first 5MPH buoy to the north.

When: 7PM every Tuesday


Boating Rules of the Road Apply. Basically Port yields to Starboard, and don't hit anyone for any reason.

A Conch Shell will blow 5 minutes prior to the start, then again at the start. Try not to cross the imaginary line prior to the the second horn. If you do, don't worry...keep's OK.

Sail for one half hour with a course set from the start to Leakin' Leena. Leave Leena to Starboard. Then sail around the outside of the Racing marks #2, #3, #4, #5...etc until the horn blows again at the half hour. Now reverse course and finish back at the Start line..

Join everyone for burgers or whatever at the Richardson Park Marina, "A" Dock for an informal get together.

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