2019 Sailing Season is Underway!

Fernridge Reservoir is full and the sailing has begun. Tuesday evening Fun Sails happen every week. Just show up in your boat or hitch a ride with one of us to meet up out between the EYC docks and the closest 5MPH buoy around 6:30PM. A Conch Shell will be blown 5 minutes prior to the start, the another at the start time of 6:30PM. The course it to proceed out to Leakin’ Lena or its buoy. Leave all marks to port and continue around the outside of the Olympic Circle until the “Reverse Course” horn is sounded. Proceed in reverse back to the Start line for the finish.

Rules are to be courteous, and have fun. If someone hollers for room, give it. If you need room holler. Port/Starboard and Windward/Leeward rules do apply. Since it is really not a race and no trophy or reward applies, the real reason to be there is to enjoy yourselves and hang out with other sailors. Meet up on “A” Dock at Richardson Marina afterward for food and more camaraderie.

If you want to be more serious, show up on Thursday evening and join in on the fleet racing. See the JRC website for instructions. https://sites.google.com/site/jrctyceyc/Home