Racing Season for 2018, Notes from Michelle

Racing Starts Soon! 
Michelle Wood, JRC

We have 11 Thistles, 10 Santana 20s, 7 Wavelengths, 7 PHRF, and 4 Multihulls registered for the fall series (and remainder of the year, of course!). Thank you for your on-time efforts! Registered skippers got an email confirmation from me today (March 15). If you plan to race and are not registered, it’s not too late—please register on the EYC website. Sailing Instructions and many other useful bits of information can be found under the “information tab” at  the JRC website.

Everyone, please note that there will be RC training at EYC on May 12 and Rescue Boat training at EYC on May 19. All are welcome. You don’t have to race to help with RC, and everyone (including crew) is encouraged to get Rescue Boat training (it is required for anyone who wants to drive the boat). Sign up online. The duty roster for RC and Rescue boat will be posted soon and I will send an email to all registered skippers when that happens.
Right now the start order is the same as last year, but I expect that we will change this to allow the fleet “doing burgers” to go first so that if they need the hoist, they will have no delay, and so that they can get things going on behalf of all of us in a timely way. Please be alert to changes in the Sailing Instructions to show this change. Also, look for a white board that I hope to have on the RC boat showing the start order. If a fleet is moved forward to be first because they are the burger crew, the rest of the fleets will start sequentially in their original order. Thanks toGary Powell and the Burger Night Task Force for working out something to save the day and maintain the “Burger Night” tradition.
The JRC is myself, Jac ThomasTed WalkupRJ BarnesStuart Ramsing, and Dean Mitchell. Please be sure to talk to any of us about any concerns or ideas you have about JRC/Thursday night racing. We are considering ways to set up some practice starts before racing on selected Thursdays and an idea for a PHRF B fleet that would be a non-spinnaker fleet. It might (or might not) start with PHRF A, but would be scored separately. These are ‘ideas in the air’ and now would be a great time to express you support or interest in them.
Looking forward to seeing you all on the water soon!