2018 Richardson Park Marina Launch Ramp Issue

Update 3/19/2019: The county is submitting a proposal to repair and extend the ramps at Orchard Point as well as replacing the launch/recovery dock. We don’t have a timeline as yet, but the grant proposal is being completed for this work. Will update as information is available. So far, no work is proposed for Richardson, but the county has indicated that a proposal will be forthcoming on that as well.

Update 12/2018: Talks have progressed about possible repairs to the toes of the ramps at Richardson and Orchard. The ACE is OK with the work proceeding and OSMB is online with us and discussing funding options. We are looking forward to repairs being accomplished, but until we have a confirmed date please read the next paragraph.

There are exploratory discussion being had with the governing entities to perform maintenance on the launch ramps. Since this will not likely occur this year, we would like to warn our fellow boaters about the conditions at the toe of the Richardson Ramp. A couple of us have inspected the ramp as we do every year. As an annual temporary measure, we have added some rock at the toe to make for a smoother transition, but as we know, by mid summer the power boaters will have scrubbed that area of our effort. Just be cautious as you launch and retrieve as the drop off is significant. It is on the order of 10 to 12 inches and your trailer will likely lurch as it moves on and off of this drop. Please take appropriate precautions. We will pass on any news of impending improvement when and if they are scheduled.