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Meet at the TYC Clubhouse

As per our By-laws, the annual meeting is held to elect new officers and announce those officers who will continue in their post or ascend to another.

Please submit who you would like to fill these positions.

         Vice Commodore: Becomes next years commodore
         Secretary: 2 year position
         Emerald Cup Chair
         Race Committee Representative
         Newsletter Editor
         Board Members at large: 3 openings
If you would like to fill any of these positions or know of someone who would make a good candidate please contact Wylie at:

541-525-1976 between 4 and 9 or

Note that current or former board members can be considered for these spots.
A list of candidates will be sent to you by October 15th to be voted on at the November 6th meeting. Additional candidates can be nominated from the floor at that time.

These positions are filled for 2019:
         Commodore: Wylie Whitmer moves up to Commodore
         Rear commodore: RJ Barnes moves to Rear commodore
         Treasurer: Dennis Olson in 2nd year

Also nominate who you would like to receive the listed awards to be presented at the Commodore's Ball held in January. Include reasons or stories to help the choice selection. Your choices should  be forwarded to Wylie at the above contacts. Here are the awards and a description of each one:

DICK MOODY SERVICE AWARD: Awarded to the member who is judged to have done the most to promote the well-being of Triton Yacht Club.
EARL LARSEN AWARD: Awarded to the member who is judged to have done the most for the Racing Community in general.
SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD: Awarded to the member who  has exhibited the ethics of good sportsmanship toward others, not necessarily on the water.

TYC BEST ENTIRE CREW/TEAM: Awarded to the crew/team that works best together and has the most fun doing it. Tell us who and why.

TYC BEST INDIVIDUAL CREW MEMBER: Awarded to the individual crew member you feel is the best crewperson out there. Tell us who and why.
MOST IMPROVED INDIVIDUAL SAILOR: Awarded to the sailor who has improved his or her sailing skills and has expanded his or her comfort zone, 
Tell us who and why.
BIG SCREW AWARD: Awarded to the unfortunate soul who is the subject of the biggest, best and hopefully most humorous tale of mishap, misjudgment, and misadventure ? Give us all the juicy details
LITTLE SCREW AWARD: Same as the Big Screw only this is for second place and again don't forget the juicy details

Later Event: December 14
TYC Monthly Club Meetings